What is run ID Race Management?

It’s about time for Indonesia to have a world class standard of running events. A competitive run race, where everybody has personal timing records in every race, with safe and comfortable running routes, and off course leave an unforgettable moments of the event.

RunID Race Management established based on that simple reasons, to make running a healthy lifestyle with fun & happy faces in every race we’ve made.

It's all about timing

We’ve partnered with people with experiences in every detail. That is why we have MyLaps® Sports Timing with more than 30 years experience in sports timing. We are the official Indonesian partner of MyLaps® and we only do running event with personal timing result. No, we do not do Fun Run.

What is run ID

Runners for runners. That’s what we are. We like running, and we always manage every run race as a runner. Every race is a new experience. We are working hard to make that new experiences.

What We Manage

We manage a race to be easy & comfortable for runners.

Survey & Route Design

Designing a safe and comfortable race route is not as easy as opening the GPS map. You must feel the road, see every turn and obstacle along the route.

Online Registration

To minimize human error, we do not like manual or walk in registration without online registration. It’s paperless.

BIB Printing

Related to registration process, we do our BIB printing. Our standard BIB number is printed on high quality waterproof paper. It is expensive, but recyclable. Yes, we care for it.

Race Pack Collection

Your race package is consist of a bag of race shirt, bib number and BIBtag Timing Chip can be collected several days before the race day. We manage not to hassle you on the race day. See you on the race day, have a good run race!

Race Result

We manage to publish the race result and race photos on the same day of the race day, or by the latest 24 hours after the race on the same website of the race event & online registration site.